Boy Scout Troop 41 Putnam Valley, NY 

Putnam Valley, NY

Patrol Leader • Assistant Patrol Leader

Patrol Leader

Job Description: The patrol leader is the elected leader of his patrol. He represents his patrol on the patrol leader's council.

Reports to: Senior Patrol Leader. If you're the Patrol Leader for the new Scout patrol, you'll also work with the troop guide who is assigned to your patrol.

Patrol Leader duties:

  • Appoints the assistant patrol leader.
  • Represents the patrol on the patrol leaders' council.
  • Plans and steers patrol meetings.
  • Helps Scouts advance
  • Acts as the chief recruiter of new Scouts.
  • Keeps patrol members informed.
  • Knows what his patrol members and other leaders can do.
  • Sets a good example
  • Wears the Scout uniform correctly
  • Lives by the Scout Oath and Law
  • Shows Scout spirit.

Assistant Patrol Leader

Job Description: The assistant patrol leader is appointed by the patrol and leads the patrol in his absence.

Reports to: Patrol leader.


Assistant Patrol Leader duties:

  • Helps the patrol leader plan and steer patrol meetings and activities.
  • Helps him keep patrol members informed.
  • Helps the patrol get ready for all troop activities.
  • Represents his patrol at patrol leaders' council meetings when the patrol leader cannot attend. 

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